Sometimes our eating is out of control. Sometimes it is really out of control. Our subconscious can create feelings and desires that we do not want. It is the autopilot inside of us. You might all of a sudden realize that you got to the bottom of a bag of chips or ate that entire bag of chocolate. It’s in these instances that the subconscious autopilot inside of you has taken over. You really were out of control. Have you ever looked at a dessert and thought, “I know I don’t want that, I know I don’t want that”…..but then you end up eating it anyway? Like you physically can’t say no to it? Once again, it is the irrational subconscious mind that creates your feelings and makes you feel out of control. It is what governs the autopilot inside of you.

With hypnosis we are able to change that autopilot. Hypnosis can help redirect that energy toward healthy foods and help give the motivation to exercise, we can redirect that autopilot and help you gain back control. With hypnosis we are able to help line up your subconscious mind with the way you want to feel. Hypnosis can help create in you the feelings you desire towards food and help you gain the motivation need to exercise. With normal diets you physically eat less, trying the whole time to get your mind to accept it, with hypnosis we bring your mind to where it needs to be first, and then the body adjusts itself to match. Normal diets do not focus on the mental aspect and reprogramming how you feel towards food or exercise . What ends up happening is that you gain the weight back because your mind was never addressed or changed. With this weight loss hypnosis program you can gain the confidence to change your eating and exercise habits and know what it’s like to have long lasting weight loss results.

This program focuses on the mental and the spiritual aspect. We bring God into the session to give you strength and help heal anything that needs released.

“..the Fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control”
(Galatians 5:22-23)

Right now, there are parts of you that are out of control. There are actions that you want to make but you can’t. Utilizing hypnosis allows you to achieve maximum control over how you want to feel and act. God helps make this possible in our sessions. With the strength of God and the tool of hypnosis you are effectively utilizing some of the best tools available in the world! Our program helps you make the changes you need in order to have success. The spirit effects the mind, the mind effects the body.

Most hypnosis programs focus only on the mind. Our program focuses on the spirit and the mind, which makes the session even more powerful. Because of this, it is much easier to create the changes in feeling you desire. God has the power to heal and strengthen you and we can help.

We help to bring your mind back to where it needs to be first. To where you no longer have desires to snack, to where you are satisfied with less amounts of food and to where you feel the desire to exercise and second we help create new habits to help make it easier to lose the weight. This is something you can do long-term.

It is a lifestyle change. This program helps you to make that lifestyle change. At we focus on the mind and spirit to help get you doing the things you know you should be doing such as eating less, choosing healthier foods, and exercising more.

When your mind and spirit are where they need to be, you will feel confident in your ability to reach your goals and keep the weight off.

You’ll simply need to be able to lay down or sit comfortably for 25-40 minutes each day. The sessions are designed to be used over a 4 week period. Many clients choose to listen more because they enjoy the relaxation it brings, that’s perfectly ok. Please understand this program is designed to help YOU make changes. You cannot just listen to the programs, do nothing, and expect your weight to start falling off. These programs help YOU to make the changes you need in order to make it easier for you, to where you feel like exercising, and feel stronger desires for healthy foods.

Isaiah 26:3 – “You will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Your mind will feel at peace when you feel the way you want to feel towards food and exercise!

Weight Loss Hypnosis Session 1 – Creating Faith, Making You a Believer
This session is designed to create the strongest effect FAST. This session introduces you to the program and gives you confidence in the program. You will feel a strong feeling of HOPE after this session, knowing that together, we can get your mind where it needs to be.

In this session we will focus on:
– helping you to remove the desire to eat between meals
– helping you to remove the desire to snack at night
– helping you to remove the desire to eat when stressed or bored
– helping you to choose well balanced meals
– helping you to slow down and eat smaller portions
– helping you to stop eating when satisfied, even if it means leaving food on your plate
– increasing your desire for fruits and vegetables
– making unhealthy foods less attractive to you
– helping you have reduced desire for sugar and sweets
– helping create a strong desire for exercise
– giving you more motivation to exercise and finding what works for you

Weight Loss Hypnosis Session 2 – Overdrive! Jump Starting Energy and Motivation to Exercise!

The focus of this session is to help you feel the desire to get out there and exercise! This session focuses in even stronger on enhancing your feelings to exercise and get moving.

In this session we will focus on:
– helping motivate you to find an exercise that works best for you
– helping you create realistic goals for yourself
– helping you to have more energy each day
– helping you get out of bed each day feeling rested
– helping you make exercising a priority and making time for it
– helping you feel content and confident in your progress, whether slow or fast
– specific hypnosis techniques that can help increase metabolism

Weight Loss Hypnosis Session 3 – Diminish Sweets, Crave Healthy Foods

The focus of this session is to help increase your desire for fruits and vegetables. You will find yourself with an unusual attraction to fruits and vegetables over other foods and choose them more often.

In this session we will focus on:
– helping you feel less desire towards sweets and desserts
– helping you feel less desire towards fatty foods
– helping you have the strength to resist unhealthy foods and turn them down
– helping you feel less desire for soda and sugary drinks
– helping increase your desire to drink water
– helping increase your feeling of feeling satisfied after a meal
– helping increase your desire to try new vegetables

Weight Loss Hypnosis Session 4 – Past Reflection and Realization (Optional)

The focus of this session is to help if you are an emotional eater or if you eat when you are stressed. With this session your mind will be taken back to points in your life that have caused you to eat. Coming to these realizations will help you to understand why your eating was initially out of control and why you had those desires to eat. We help you to release and forgive anything that may come up. This session can sometimes be emotional so we make this an optional session for those who would like to heal in this way.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Session 5 – Permanency

This session is designed to be listened to once you are comfortable with all of your new positive habits.

In this session we will focus on:
– helping you make all of these new habits permanent
– helps you adopt these new habits even if stressful things come up in your life
– helps you focus on staying on track

Listen to a Sample of How the Audio Sounds

Included with every program…

1. There is a checklist included with the program to test yourself to verify that you were hypnotized and to answer most frequently asked questions.

2. There are detailed instructions on how to listen to each program right before the audio. This is to eliminate most fears and misconceptions of what “happens” in hypnosis.

3. We throw in a free extra session titled “Holy Spirit Inside”. Many purchasers have said this audio is one of their favorites to listen to and get a lot of benefit from it as well.

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