The fruit of the spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.

While in hypnosis you are in a very relaxed and focused form of concentration. This helps you to achieve an even deeper level of listening with God. It helps you to really get rid of life and focus in on God. Something that is hard to do nowadays.

This session helps you to focus on the one fruit of the spirit that you’re lacking, and helps you to program it into your daily life. Asking God to help implement it into all of those situations where you know you need it. You can use this session multiple times to focus on whichever fruit of the spirit you feel you need to work on at the time. It is a valuable tool in helping you to change your life and go in the right direction. I recommend this program if you are struggling with any of the fruits.

Christian Hypnosis Fruit of the Spirit Audio:
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What clients are saying:
I originally chose to try the Christian Hypnosis only to grow more in the Holy Spirit through the CD on the “Fruit of the Spirit”. I did not expect to have any particular breakthroughs of any sort, just more awareness of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. I would not normally choose this particular method of learning or growing but because the focus of it is on Christianity and the persons who created it are Christian, I had more confidence in it’s safety and effectiveness for positive results in my life.

My story begins back in 2013. I woke up many (many) hours later than was expected from a surgery, and I began to discover that my life would never be the same. Nothing really was different and yet my view of the world seemed unexplainably  different. It took me until 2018 to realize that I must’ve had a near death experience (nde) during the surgery. I discovered this when I realized that the “nde after affects” as listed on the IANDS (nde) site online was exactly what I had been enduring, for the most part, since 2013. Truly, starting anew, is putting it lightly. My marriage greatly suffered, though my husband is quite the wonderful husband, I saw that we could no longer really reach or understand each other like before. I lost many friends for the same reason. I truly had become a stranger even to myself. I would say I am the essence of who I was yet I am now more open and less constricted by boundaries because they just sort of disappeared in the aftermath. I am very grateful for my faith in Jesus Christ as that is what has kept me grounded during this unbelievable and almost unbearable situation. I am in the continual process of trying to relearn the subtleties of interacting with others. I would say this nde made me more childlike in a way – and this is apparently common for people who have had a nde.

Listening to the “Fruit of the Spirit” CD at least seven+ times now, and then later (when I saw the unexpected breakthroughs I was having) the “Fear of Public Speaking”
CDs (to improve interacting with others) seems to have been slowly but surely waking me up to my old self; remembering who I was and how I used to interact with others, especially my husband. I feel like my husband and I have found each other again(!) and are starting back up from where we left off in 2013. Truly, I almost feel like I’ve been in a coma-state, except that I was functioning fairly normal just not exactly as my old self. It seems every time I listen to one of the above CDs (it’s been a month now since I started) I get better and better with more clarity and truly a sense of healing in my inner person and ability to communicate with others. I’m more alert and joyful and animated like my old self again. This is such an incredible miracle to me and I’m just so grateful to Jessi and Ben DeFoor for pioneering this Christian Hypnosis because I’ve not seen it out there, online or anywhere – only secular. I have tried, one time, a secular hypnosis and I did not feel good about it nor did it benefit me in anyway. I feel the Christian hypnosis works because this subliminal level of healing is focused on God.

In our culture, we are getting bombarded daily by unhealthy subliminal messages through TV, computer, music, etc. I think it’s a wonderful idea to use Christian hypnosis to bring about a deep, subliminal healing through the light of God in Christ Jesus – the best kind of healing one could ever want – especially in this world we live in today.

I totally recommend this Christian method of hypnosis over and above any other form of hypnosis.”  – DH 

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