It is our desire that through utilizing Christian hypnosis and the powerful prayer-like meditative state of hypnosis, our customers can facilitate rapid change and identify and release unresolved conflicts resulting in major improvements in health, motivation, self confidence, emotional stability, pain relief, creativity, performance levels, habit control, and spiritual strengthening. provides christian hypnosis audios that are designed for Christians who believe that God is all powerful. The programs are designed for believers who believe that through God’s power, anything is possible.

We strive to teach believers, and non-believers about the true nature of hypnosis. That it is no different from any other tool that is available in this world. We educate people by exposing myths of hypnosis and encouraging scientific and spiritual research.

Whereas there are Christian counselors available, there is not always a Christian hypnotist available. This site provides an opportunity to have programs that do not include metaphysical beliefs within the hypnosis. Our Christian Hypnosis audios are unique in that they combine hypnosis and prayer for maximum results! Choose which program suits you best.