Do you struggle with a sugar addiction? Have you tried to quit sugar but it just keeps pulling you back? I completely understand! It’s a hard habit to kick. Our brains see it as a reward, our bodies get a sugar high then a sugar crash…and we reach for more. It’s in so many things we eat too! If you need an extra boost to kick the sugar habit for good, hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help.

The way hypnosis works is re-programming your brain to not feel like it needs sugar. We can break the habit and not only get rid of it, but get rid of the cravings and desires.

As part of our Christian Hypnosis Weight Loss program we have one whole session that focuses on taking away your sweet tooth.  In the session we’re focused on helping you have the strength to resist unhealthy foods and turn them down easily. We take that desire for unhealthy sweets away and replace it with a desire fruits and more vegetables. We even increase your desire to try new healthy foods you may not have tried in the past.  We take away the desire not just for sugary foods but for soda and sugary drinks as well. Sweet tea was my downfall! I love a big glass of good ‘ol southern sweet tea. We also make sure to replace these desires with a desire to drink more water. Drinking your daily requirement for water can do wonders for your health!

If you’re ready to ditch the sugar and replace it with a desire for healthy options, check out our program. It will make giving up that ice cream, candy, sweet tea, or soda easy! Hope over to our Christian Hypnosis Weight Loss page to learn more. You won’t regret choosing health!