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Quit Sugar using Christian Hypnosis

by Jessi

Do you struggle with a sugar addiction? Have you tried to quit sugar but it just keeps pulling you back? I completely understand! It’s a hard habit to kick. Our brains see it as a reward, our bodies get a sugar high then a sugar crash…and we reach for more. It’s in so many things we […]

3 Biblical Affirmations for Anxiety Relief

by Jessi

Anxiety can be all consuming. Your mind races to what could go wrong, you worry about the worst possible outcome or scenario, your thoughts seem to always be focused on the negative. Here are three scripture based affirmations you can memorize to recenter your thoughts on God and His promises to you:  I release my […]

5 Ways to Reduce Stress for Christians

by Jessi

Whether you’re a business man on the go, meeting deadlines, and taking trips across the country. A stay at home mom with little ones needing your constant attention or older ones needing your chauffeur services. A student with papers to write and social obligations to fill. Stress can easily take a hold of your life […]